How Are Our Books Priced?

At The Dog Eared Book, we work very hard to have the hottest used books in excellent condition at bargain prices!

  • All used children's books (paperback or hardcover!) are $1.95
  • All used paperbacks for young adults are $1.95
  • All used mass market paperbacks for adults are $1.95
  • All used hardcovers for young adults are $4.95
  • All used hardcovers and trade paperbacks for adults are $4.95
  • Collectible books are very competitively priced according to current value based on careful research
  • New books are priced as marked - with many new books available for half the original list price.

Any questions about the price of a book? Please call at 315-502-0181 or e-mail at  We are always happy to answer questions!