• A Keeper
AUTHOR: Graham Norton / BOOK CONDITION NOTES: Remainder / DESCRIPTION: From Graham NortonΓÇöthe BAFTA Award-winning Irish television host and author of the ΓÇ£charming debut novelΓÇ¥ (New York Journal of Books) HoldingΓÇöa masterly and haunting tale of secrets and ill-fated love follows a young woman as she returns to Ireland after her motherΓÇÖs death and unravels the identity of her father. When Elizabeth Keane returns to Ireland after her motherΓÇÖs death,sheΓÇÖs focused only on saying goodbye to that dark and dismal part of her life. Her childhood home is packed solid with useless junkher motherΓÇÖs presence already fading. But within this messshe discovers a small stash of lettersΓÇöand ultimatelythe truth. Forty years earliera young woman stumbles from a remote stone housethe night quiet except for the constant wind that encircles her as she hurries deeper into the darkness away from the cliffs and the sea. She has no sense of where she is goingonly that she must keep on. With wistful and evocative proseA Keeper is sure to appeal to ΓÇ£fans of sensitive character studiesΓÇ¥ (Publishers Weekly) and brilliantly illustrates Graham NortonΓÇÖs clear-eyed understanding of human nature and its darkest flaws.

A Keeper

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