• A Gift of the Stars: Book 1 of The Tales of Zren Janin
AUTHOR: M. L. Dunker / DESCRIPTION: If you had lost your past,would you be willing to risk your future to find it? Kereki thief Red finds himself at the mercy of two West Islanders after they save his life on the road. Having lost his memoryall Red knows is he cannot return to Kerek City-not if he wants to stay alive. He travels with them on the treacherous and violent road through Kerekwhere the three must use their skills and wits to find a way that won't leave them dead. As the mystery continues to shroud one of his companionsRed realizes there is much more to the diverse cultures and people they encounter than he had been led to believe. Is life outside Kerek City really what it seemsor is there more to his world-and even his own past-than he could have ever imagined? And how far is he willing to go to learn the answerswhen trusting the wrong people might cost him his life? A Gift of the Stars is the first book in The Tales of Zren Janin series. A story of fantasymythand the road to understanding how to accept those that are different-including ourselves.

A Gift of the Stars: Book 1 of The Tales of Zren Janin

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