AUTHOR: Cavan Scott / DESCRIPTION: An illustrated collection of spooky tales from the dark corners of Gotham City featuring Batman(TM) on his and weirdest adventures ever! Gotham City,the home of Batmanis filled with dark cornerssinister charactersand mysterious goings on. This illustrated chapter book is a collection of scary short stories featuring some of Batman's strange adventures that end with wild twist and turns--some funnysome spookyand some deathly frightening! So curl up under the sheets and find out all about the ancient cursesghostly racer car driversand sinister witches haunting Gotham City along with the World's Greatest Detective . . . and don't forget your flashlight! Boys and girls ages 6 to 9 will love this illustrated chapter book of strange tales featuring Batman.

5 Scary Stories for a Dark Knight #1 (DC Batman)

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