• Underwater World
AUTHOR: Tamara Macfarlane / DESCRIPTION: Dive into the depths and discover the mysteries of the world of water in this beautiful book for young readers. From myths and legends,folklore and fablesto amazing discoveriesand undiscovered depths ΓÇô children will love exploring the amazing world of water in this beautifully illustrated book for young readers. Dive between the pages of Underwater Worldinto the ocean depths to discover sunken lands. Sail in and out of legends laden with weird and wonderful monsters. Spin the globe to track migrating whales and sort the fantasy creatures from the real ones. This educational book for 7-9 year olds will teach curious children all about the oceanmagical creatures and mythologymysteries and the unexplained. Ready for an adventure? Dive straight in to discover: - A strikingly visual guide to the innermost depths of our Earth - Exquisite hand-drawn illustrations and maps making the information engaging and accessible - A diverse range of fascinating information using captions and detailed cross sections Water ΓÇô it can be hard as rocksilky softand often barely there. We canΓÇÖt live without itbut canΓÇÖt breathe within it. This shape-shifting element washes in on our shorespours on our townsand winds through our fields. We are mostly made out of waterbut how much do we really know about it? Children will love learning all about the world of water in this beautifully illustrated and colorful book. At DKwe believe in the power of discovery. So why stop there? If you like Underwater Worldthen why not complete the collection? Take a peek inside the enchanting and mythological world of dragons with Dragon Worldand discover their fascinating history.

Underwater World

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