• The Secret Guests
AUTHOR: Benjamin Black / BOOK CONDITION NOTES: Remainder / DESCRIPTION: As London endures nightly German bombings,BritainΓÇÖs secret service whisks the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret from Englandseeking safety for the young royals on an old estate in Ireland. Ahead of the German Blitz during World War IIEnglish parents from every social class sent their children to the countryside for safetydisplacing more than three million young offspring. In The Secret Gueststhe British royal family takes this evacuation a step furthersecretly moving the princesses to the estate of the Duke of Edenmore in ΓÇ£neutralΓÇ¥ Ireland. A female English secret agentMiss Celia Nasheand a young Irish detectiveGarda Straffordare assigned to watch over ΓÇ£EllenΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£MaryΓÇ¥ at Clonmillis Hall. But the Irish stable handthe housemaidthe formidable housekeeperthe Duke himselfand other Irish townspeoplesome of whom lost family to English gunshots during the War of Independencego freely about their business in and around the great house. Soon suspicions about the guestsΓÇÖ true identities percolatea dangerous boredom sets in for the princessesandwithin and without Clonmillis acreagepassions as well as stakes rise. Benjamin Blackwho has good information that the princesses were indeed in Ireland for a time during the Blitzdraws readers into a novel as fascinating as the nascent career of Miss Nasheas tender as the homesickness of the sistersas intriguing as Irish-English relations during WWIIand as suspenseful and ultimately action-packed as war itself.

The Secret Guests

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