• The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep
AUTHOR: Allan Wolf / DESCRIPTION: In powerful,vivid verse the master behind The Watch That Ends the Night recounts one of history's most harrowing--and chilling--tales of survival. In 1846a group of emigrants bound for California face a choice: continue on their planned route or take a shortcut into the wilderness. Eighty-nine of them opt for the untested traila decision that plunges them into danger and desperation andfinallythe unthinkable. From extraordinary poet and novelist Allan Wolf comes a riveting retelling of the ill-fated journey of the Donner party across the Sierra Nevadas during the winter of 1846-1847. Brilliantly narrated by multiple voicesincluding world-wearytauntingand all-knowing Hunger itselfthis novel-in-verse examines a notorious chapter in history from various perspectivesamong them caravan leaders George Donner and James ReedDonner's scholarly wifetwo Miwok Indian guidesthe Reed childrena sixteen-year-old orphanand even a pair of oxen. Comprehensive back matter includes an author's noteselect character biographiesstatisticsa time line of eventsand more. Unprecedented in its detail and sweepthis haunting epic raises stirring questions about moral ambiguityhope and resilienceand hunger of all kinds.

The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep

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