• A Duke by Any Other Name
AUTHOR: Grace Burrowes / DESCRIPTION: With her trademark wit,New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes delivers a charming Regency romance featuring a duke in disguise and a hellion trying to convince Society she's a lady. NathanielDuke of Rothhavenlives in seclusionleaving his property only to gallop his demon-black steed across the moors by moonlight. Exasperated mamas invoke his name to frighten small childrenthough Nathaniel is truly a decent man -- maybe too decent for his own good. That's precisely why he must turn away the beguiling woman demanding his help. Lady Althea Wentworth has little patience for dukesreclusive or otherwisebut she needs Rothhaven's backing to gain entrance into Polite Society. She's asked him nicelyshe's called on him politelyall to no avail -- until her prize hogs just happen to plunder the ducal orchard. He longs for privacy. She's vowed to never endure another ball as a wallflower. Yet as the two grow closerit soon becomes clear they might both be pretending to be something they're not.

A Duke by Any Other Name

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