• The Edge of in Between
AUTHOR: Lorelei Savaryn / DESCRIPTION: A spellbinding tale of magical realism and superb,twisty retelling of The Secret Gardenwhere twelve-year-old Lottie's colorful world turns suddenly gray when an unexpected accident claims her parentsand she is uprooted from her home to live with an eccentric uncle she never knew she had--on the border that separates the living and the dead. Lottie lives in Vivelle--the heart of a vibrant city where life exists in brilliant technicolor and nearly everyone has magic. And Lottie is no exception; she can paint pictures to life in every shade and hue imaginable. But at the sudden loss of her parentsall the color is stripped from Lottie's heart and the world around her. Taken in by her reclusiveeccentric uncleLottie moves into Forsakenhis vast manor located in the gray wasteland between the Land of the Living and Ever Afterthe land of the dead. The discovery of a locked-up gardena wise cardinala hidden boyand a family whose world is full of color despite the bleakness around them begins to pull at the threads of what it means to live in such a near-dead placeslowly returning some of the color to Lottie's private world and giving her hope that life is worth experiencing fullyeven while one carries sorrow. But as time runs outLottie must find a way to thaw both the world and the hearts of her unclecousinand those she has come to know and love in her new homeor all of Forsaken--including Lottie herself--will be absorbed by Ever After long before their time. An exquisitely writtenrichly imaginedstunning portrait of love and lossmagic and hope; a true celebration of the strength we all possess to transcend tragedy--and the gifts that make life worth living. Praise for The Edge of In Between \

The Edge of in Between

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