• The Oracle of Maracoor
AUTHOR: Gregory Maguire / BOOK CONDITION NOTES: **SIGNED FIRST EDITION** / DESCRIPTION: Multimillion-copy bestselling author Gregory Maguire brings us the enchanting second novel in the series Another Day,returning to the world he first created in Wicked. The Oracle of Maracoorthe second in the trilogy called Another Daycontinues the story of Elphaba's green-skinned granddaughterRain. That strange landMaracoor--across the ocean from Oz--is beset by an invading army. In the mayhemRain and Cossya child felonbreak out of prison. Helped by a few flying monkeysthey struggle to escape the city before it falls under siege. Their arresting officerLuciklesalso retreats with his family to a highland redoubt. But safety eludes them all. Chaos thunders upon them in the form of warriorsrefugeesand brigands. The very fabric of reality loosensliberating creatures of myth and legend--huge blue wolvesharpiesand giants made of the very landscape. Cued in by secrets known only to the most highly placed members of the royal courtRain and her companions hunt the fabled Oracle of Maracoor for guidance and soothsaying. Rain has to recover her forgotten past if she is to consider returning home. Cossythe ten-year-old convicted of murdermust become invisible to avoid being taken into custody again. Meanwhilethe Fist of Maraan arcane artifact that renders all around it barrenhammers against human lives. If the reclusive Oracle should spin a prophecymight the desperate wicked years promise another dayone less perilous?

The Oracle of Maracoor

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