AUTHOR: Jory John / DESCRIPTION: First-day-of-school jitters have never been funnier or more reassuring than in this picture book by the New York Times bestselling author Jory John and critically acclaimed illustrator Liz Climo It's almost the first day of school,and the animals are nervous. Sloth worries about getting there on timesnake can't seem to get his backpack fastened onto his bodyand bunny is afraid she'll want to hop around instead of sitting still. When they all arrive at their classroomthoughthey're in for a surprise- Somebody else is nervous too. It's their teacherthe armadillo! He has rolled in as a balland it takes him a while to relax and unfurl. But by the next daythe animals have all figured out how to help one another through their jitters. School isn't so scary after all.

First Day Critter Jitters

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