• History Smashers: the Mayflower
AUTHOR: Kate Messner / DESCRIPTION: In 1620,the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and made friends with Wampanoag people who gave them corn. RIGHT? WRONG! It was months before the Pilgrims met any Wampanoag peopleand nobody gave anybody corn that day. Did you know that the pilgrims didn't go straight from England to Plymouth? Nothey made a stop along the way--and almost stayed forever! Did you know there was a second shipcalled the Speedwellthat was too leaky to make the trip? No joke. And just wait until you learn the truth about Plymouth Rock. Through illustrationsgraphic panelsphotographssidebarsand moreacclaimed author Kate Messner smashes history by exploring the little-known details behind the legends of the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving. Don't miss History Smashers- Women's Right to Vote!

History Smashers: the Mayflower

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