• Volcano & Earthquake
AUTHOR: DORLING KINDERSLEY LTD. / DESCRIPTION: Discover the Earth's most explosive volcanoes and what an earthquake feels like with this picture-led guide exploring the hot spots of the world. This book tells you everything you need to know about the Earth's most extraordinary natural forces - from active volcanoes,including Kilauea in Hawaii and Etna in Italyto devastating earthquakes that have hit San Francisco and Japan. Discover how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius devastated the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneumbut left in its wake remarkably preserved treasures. Find outtoohow dogs can search for survivors in the aftermath of a huge quake. Eyewitness Volcano & Earthquake explores how tectonic plates collidewhat causes magma to escape from deep inside Earthand why eruptions affect our weather. Learn how scientists predict and measure the magnitude of earthquakesand find out what a volcanologist does. Packed with striking full-color photographs and illustrations of lava flowspyroclastic cloudsrocks and precious stonespreserved bodies and petrified objectsand much more along with amazing factsinfographicsstatisticsand a timeline to reveal the most devastating volcanoes and earthquakes in history. Part of DK's best-selling Eyewitness serieswhich is now getting an exciting makeoverthis popular title has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorerswith a fresh new looknew photographsupdated informationand a new \

Volcano & Earthquake

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