• Shark
AUTHOR: DORLING KINDERSLEY LTD. / DESCRIPTION: Meet the mighty fish that have ruled the oceans since prehistoric times. A picture-packed guide to the extraordinary shark family. Did you know that sharks first appeared in the oceans 200 million years before the dinosaurs,and that they have an electrical sixth sense that helps them locate their prey? How dangerous is a great white shark? Can a whale shark really grow as big as a city bus? Find out all the answers in Eyewitness Sharkand many more weird and wonderful facts about these awesome animals. Discover where they livewhy they are huntedwhat can be done to protect themand how you can help. Read about the broad finned angel sharks; the flathead hammerhead; and learn how the cookie cutterWobegonand megamouth sharks get their names. Learntooabout their relativesthe manta rays and skates Eyewitness Shark even takes you inside a shark to learn how it eats and breathes and explains how they can swim so fast and how different tail shapes affect the way each species moves. You'll see for yourself how a lemon shark is bornand which looks stranger--the hammerhead or a horn shark. Part of the best-selling DK Eyewitnesswhich is now getting an exciting makeoverthis popular title has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorerswith a fresh new looknew photographsupdated informationand a new \


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