• Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
AUTHOR: Lewis Carroll / DESCRIPTION: Timed to release in sync with Tim BurtonΓÇÖs long-awaited film version of Lewis CarrollΓÇÖs AliceΓÇÖs Adventures in Wonderland,Rose Camille GarciaΓÇÖs illustrated adaptation brings a darkcontemporary visual spin to this timeless storyΓÇöthe perfect companion to the directorΓÇÖs distinctive vision. All the iconic characters of the much-beloved originalΓÇöThe White RabbitThe Mad Hatter and March Harethe Queen of Heartsand of course Alice herselfΓÇöhave been rendered in GarciaΓÇÖs signature ΓÇ£Goth fairytaleΓÇ¥ style. As with the Calef Brown-illustrated edition of F. Scott FitzgeraldΓÇÖs The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttonwhich coincided with the David Fincher movie starring Cate Blanchett and Brad Pittthis new interpretation of Alice offers a unique and compelling update of a literary classic.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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