• A Werewolf in Riverdale (Archie Horro
AUTHOR: Caleb Roehrig / DESCRIPTION: Who is the Riverdale Ripper? And why is Jughead waking up covered in blood? Based on the original Archie Comics characters! Everyone knows the characters from Riverdale: popular Archie Andrews,girl-next-door Betty Cooperangsty Jughead Jonesand the sophisticated Veronica Lodge. But this is not the Riverdale you know and love. Something twisted has awoken in the town with pep. Inspired by the iconic Archie Horror comicsthis reimagined universe takes the grittiness of the TV show and adds a paranormal twist. Someone is killing the citizens of Riverdale. And after a bloody full moonJughead realizes he is the killer! Jughead is a werewolf. Can he keep this secret from his friends -- including werewolf-hunting Betty Cooper? Jughead has to get his dark side under control -- before it is controlling him. The Archie Horror series contains all-neworiginal stories that fans of horror AND fans of Riverdale will eat up!

A Werewolf in Riverdale (Archie Horro

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