• Hell's Half-Acre
AUTHOR: Susan Jonusas / DESCRIPTION: A suspense filled tale of murder on the American frontierΓÇöshedding new light on a family of serial killers in Kansas,whose horrifying crimes gripped the attention of a nation still reeling from war. In 1873 the people of Labette CountyKansas made a grisly discovery. Buried by a trailside cabin beneath an orchard of young apple trees were the remains of countless bodies. Below the cabin itself was a cellar stained with blood. The Bendersthe family of four who once resided on the property were nowhere to be found. The discovery sent the local community and national newspapers into a frenzy that continued for decadessparking an epic manhunt for the Benders. The idea that a family of seemingly respectable homesteadersΓÇöone among the thousands relocating farther west in search of land and opportunity after the Civil WarΓÇöwere capable of operating \

Hell's Half-Acre

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